Elmar Services, a HVAC service provider in the Greater Baltimore Area, has been transforming the heating and air conditioning service experience for the past half-decade. We service and install all heating and air conditioning equipment, however strive to provide efficient and innovative solutions for our customers. Our goal from the start has been to serve customers with the utmost respect, having built our business on three pillars of promotion: comfort, efficiency, and fairness. We want you to "Feel the Elmar Difference."

Comfortable HVAC


We have made it our goal to ensure that customers are comfortable, not only after the equipment is installed but also throughout the whole service process

Efficient Heating, Ventalation and Air Conditioning


Our team at Elmar not only strives to provide you with the most efficient, innovative, and environmentally sustainable equipment, but also to work efficiently and accurately in your home and business

Fair HVAC Services


Apart from being competitive with pricing, our team at Elmar has put an emphasis on being fair to all customers alike. We look to partner with our customers, and we believe every partnership begins with fairness.

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