Gas Heating Boilers

As a leader in condensing technology, Navien has reinvented the water heating industry with the award-winning premium condensing tankless water heaters, and combi-boilers. Navien's Gas Heating Boilers feature two stainless steel heat exchangers that increase the life expectancy of the systems, an innovative metal fiber burner that emits record low levels of nitrogen oxides, and hydronic heating benefits that include cleaner and safer heat energy.

The NHB boiler is now available in four sizes: 55K, 80K, 110K, and 150K BTU/h

Feature & Benefits

  • Navien Gas Heating Boilers can function with high operational efficiencies in multiple zones in your home or business.
  • AFUE ("The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency" Scale) 95.0% - Recognized as the most efficient heating system in 2016 by Energy Star.
  • Integrated Smart Control - The smart control provides industry-leading options:
    • adjustable heat capacity,
    • a time hydronic supply water boost,
    • adjustable anti-cycle timer,
    • freeze protection,
    • pressure LWCO with manual reset,
    • and adjustable minimum burner setting.

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