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Available Models

PureAir Air Purification System

Price Guide - $$$

Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16 Media Air Cleaner

Price Guide - $

Healthy Climate 11 Media Air Cleaner

Price Guide - $

Healthy Climate UV Germicidal Lights

Price Guide - $

Healthy Climate High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration System

Price Guide - $$$

The Single Solution For Healthy Air In Your House

Although many air cleaning systems only filter out particles, some systems combat germs and others odors. Only the Lennox Pure Air Air Purification System addresses all three types of indoor air pollutants.

Airborne Particles

You can't see them, but you don't want to breathe them. Lennox Pure Air filters out more than 95% of particles down to 0.3 micron*.

Germs and Bacteria

If they make it into circulation, they can make you sick. Lennox Pure Air combats 90% of germs and bacteria down to .01 micron*

Chemical Odors and Vapors

Unpleasant smells can have unpleasant effects. Lennox Pure Air destroys household odors and chemical vapors from sources like pets, cleaning products and cooking appliances.

Enjoy Cleaner, Fresher Air and So Much More

By pairing the Lennox Pure Air Air Purification System with innovative heating and cooling products from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, you can enjoy the ultimate in indoor air quality and comfort.

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