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Available Models

  • Dave Lennox Signature Collection
  • Elite Series
  • Merit Series
SLP98V Variable-Capacity

Efficiency Rating (AFUE) : up to 98.7

Price Guide - $$$

SL280V Variable Speed

Efficiency Rating (AFUE) : up to 80

Price Guide - $$$

Most homes located in colder temperatures rely on gas furnaces to produce comfortable and sufficient hot air. Gas furnaces use either natural gas, propane, or oil, as its fuel to produce heat for a home. The main parts to a gas furnace include the burners, the heat exchanger, a blower, and controls which are built to make the system last for years at a time. Not only do they perform well, they also can be efficient while heating your home. In fact, some gas furnaces operate at 95% efficiency, which means that 95% of the fuel you pay for is converted into heat for your home.

Routine maintenances, such as changing filters can be handled by most consumers, but other maintenances require professional service. It's a good idea to brush dirt and obstructions from the coils and the drains at the start of each cooling season. Depending on the system and the consumer, a system cleaning may need to be completed by a certified company, such as Elmar HVAC. If the system is not producing as much cold air as is normal, it could be an indication of a refrigerant undercharge or a discrepancy with the system's airflow. These problems could cost you a fortune, but can, in most cases, be avoided with a yearly check-up. Click'here'to schedule your preventative maintenance with our company

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